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Your choice is important for your health, the people around you and the environment.

You always have a choice about where, what and how to work and live. For example, if there is no environmental company in the area where you like to live in which you would like to work, then create your own company with the activity you like.

Shared happiness is double happiness - share your ideas with your friends and create collective environmental activities.

Successful - all together

You live with your family and friends. You do what you love in a place where you like it and you develop in the field you like.

Work - without competition

Each person have unique talents that are useful for everyone, such as in a good music group one sings another plays, everyone does what they love, it is their profession and everyone is happy with the results.

Less travel - more free time

You live and work in the same place, which reduces frequent travel and, accordingly, unnecessary waste of time and pollution during transportation.

Ecological life - way out of any crisis

An ecological lifestyle is good for both your health and your financial condition. Many of the environmental solutions are also solutions to deal with the financial crisis. One of the many opportunities would be to exchange products and services (talents) with your friends.


Consuming less energy you are reducing your carbon footprint. Heat - cool your home efficiently...


Recycling wood and paper - can save trees. Recycling metals - less need for mining...


Reusing is better than recycling, it saves the energy for dismantle and re-manufacture items...


Repurpose old stuff. Transform many of the existing items with an alternative use value...

Save Water

Check your home for water leaks, take shorter showers, turn off the water while brushing your teeth and shaving...

Save Electricity

Control your lighting and heating using the sun as much as possible for your needs. Be mindful of your electric devices...

Save Trees

Borrow, share and donate wooden products, plant trees, don’t waste paper...


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Grow Your Food
Grow Your Food
Growing our food we will always be satisfied
You can always donate, exchange or sell your products.
Your Health
Your Health
Freshly cut food is the best for your health.
Build Eco
Build Eco
Use environmentally friendly materials for your buildings.